A Vermonter with an addiction to spandex and a goal to ride across the country for affordable housing.
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One Thousand

Day 22: Camden, MI
Miles: 80.47
Odometer: 1007.8
Avg pace: 15.3 
High speed: 24

Events: Rob Radio, Baxter debates, dog coming at my foot, corn field, lunch nap, marking 1000 mile territory, tar tires, detour, Michigan!, sports bar, carrot cake, teasing Collin, no liquor bar.

Every morning tends to be the same old thing nowadays: Deflate thermarest, put on clothes, pack bin, brush teeth, give bin to trailer crew, sunscreen, chamois butter, breakfast, fill up camelbak, inflate tires, reset computer, route meeting and then hit the road. Our routines are solid and so is our riding. Unfortunately riding 5+ hours on a bike not only does harm to our legs but also to our minds.

We don’t let the road get us down, though. There are many strategies to keep morals up including many games. This morning a small group of us were fortunate enough to be able to listen to Rob Radio. This basically means Rob sings every Disney song he can think of. Collin and I even added in a talk show portion when Rob was running out of songs.

Sometimes we’ll chalk fun things for each other like jokes or fun facts. Today Lucas chalked fun facts about Michigan, his home state. Mostly, though, we find someone to ride with and talk. You can really talk about anything with a group of 32 riders who you met just about 3 weeks ago.

Today Baxter and I rode together and talked about life, political issues, ideal jobs, and so much more. At one point we were detoured yet again and had no idea how many miles were left until we were back on our regular route. At that point your mind starts to lose hope of a goal and your body starts to shut down more than usual. Luckily the detour came out only 1 mile over our mileage so it ended up being ok except the head wind that met us and murdered us once we got off the detour.

Towards the end of the day we entertained ourselves with the excitement of hitting 1000 miles. Everyone’s computer is different so a few people chalked where they hit the mark. I hit 1000 in the middle of a hill, next to a house with the only 2 people we had seen all day. We broke open cliff bloks and celebrated. We chalked out location and then… Marked our territory.

After the Michigan state line there was road construction to fill in cracks with fresh tar. The tar stuck to our tires and then acted as sticky paper to all of the rocks around. It was kind of a bummer of a last 5 miles to a day but the host had awesome snacks when we got here and free wireless. I even showered at one of the neighboring houses who had a wonderful bathroom with a HUgE shower.

Naps are also a crucial part of the day. There are usually 2-30 people passed out drooling on their thermarests as soon as they are showered or maybe even before. Some, like Kate today, don’t make it past get in to their bin and pass out on the floor in full kit. I find that there is nap mode: no sleepin bag, no pillow, passed out tummy down and waking up in excessive amounts of drool. Sleep mode is usually on the side with less drool and involves a sleeping bag.

My legs are excessively tired today but hopefully they shape up before our 90 mile day into Indiana tomorrow.